Sandbanks Prince Edward County

If there is one mainstay attraction in Prince Edward County, it would have
to be Sandbanks Provincial Park.

Known simply as the Sandbanks, the 1,509 ha park actually consist of
three beautiful golden sand beach fronts and boasts the largest freshwater
baymouth sandbar system in the world

The Outlet beach system is likely the most popular of the three and offers
the majority of the park’s 549 campsites within a short walk.

As does the Outlet beach, the Sandbanks beach is the largest of the three
and fronts on to Lake Ontario. Sandbanks is considered the hidden paradise
of the three beaches and is popular amongst families and locals alike.

Finally, the Dunes beach, which is adjoined to the Sandbanks beach, offers
sun seekers and swimmers a chance to be lake side on the tranquil waters
of West Lake.

Visitors come from all over to bask in the sun during the height of the tourist
season but the majority seem to hail from the province of Quebec.

In fact, one could stroll along the beach and not hear an English conversation
for several minutes, making you think you are in some tropical paradise where
the mother tongue is en français.

If you are looking for things to do in Prince Edward County, there can be no
better place to start than Sandbanks Provincial Park.

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