Prince Edward County Wineries

Despite not having the historical vintages of other wine regions in the province,
Prince Edward County’s wine makers and grape growers have shown in the past
decade they can go head-to-head with the other wine regions in Ontario and
produce fine tasting efforts.

Provincial, national and international awards adorn the walls of various wineries
in Prince Edward County and the tasting populous is starting to take notice as
Ontario’s newest wine region gets thousands of new visitors each and every

And whether your palate demands a fruity Pinot Noir, a light Chardonnay, or a
spicy Cabernet Franc, the wineries of Prince Edward County are ready to deliver.

With over 30 wineries and close to ten producing vineyards, this burgeoning area of
grape growth offers it all.

And many of the wineries not only offer complimentary tastings but you can join
them for lunch or supper and match one of the most delectable meals you will ever
taste with an offering produced from an adjoining vineyard.

Taking a tour of the locally owned and operated wineries is certainly one of the things
to do in Prince Edward County.

One of the other things to do when visiting Prince Edward County is secure
accommodations in the heart of this wine region.

The Queen’s Inn in downtown Picton offers a perfect leaping off point to the
wineries in the wards of Hillier and North and South Marysburgh.

A posh boutique style hotel, The Queen’s Inn will make you believe you’ve landed
in Napa Valley North.

Contact the friendly and helpful staff of The Queen’s Inn today by calling them toll
free at 1-888-476-8618 or checking availability online, here.

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