Prince Edward County Wine

If there’s one savoury thing on every visitor’s lips, it’s Prince Edward County Wine.

For the last 50 years, Sandbanks Provincial Park and the natural wonders of
this Island community have been drawing visitors from all over North America.

However, in the last decade, a new reason to visit Prince Edward County has

Ontario’s newest viticulture regions, the wine industry in Prince Edward County
has taken off like a rocket into the stratosphere.

Because of its slightly more temperate winters due to its proximity to Lake
Ontario and the wide availability of Hillier Clay Loam farm land, local grape
growers have found this area is a prime location to produce wine grapes.

Starting at the turn of the century at Waupoos Estates Winery, the wine
producing craze slowly took root and, just a dozen years later, there are
over 30 wineries and 10 vineyards dotting the Prince Edward County Map.

Whether it be a dashing Pinot noir, a light Chardonnay, a Frontenac, a robust
Cabernet Franc, a running Riesling or a classic Gamay noir, local wine makers have
found a way to produce top quality, award winning wines from the terroir of
Prince Edward County.

And while wine is at the top of the list in terms of popular spirits produced here,
Prince Edward County also has a host of top end beer makers and brewers as well
as hard apple cider makers and fledgling distillers.

With so many options, one could spend an entire week in Prince Edward County
testing the trappings of local wine makers.

When looking for a great accommodation to put you in the heart of
Prince Edward County’s wine trail, look no farther than The Queen’s Inn
in downtown Picton.

Just minutes away from the wineries of North & South Marysburgh and
Hillier, The Queen’s Inn is a centrally located boutique hotel that is clean,
elegantly furnished and decorated and is a reasonably priced option when
compared to other Prince Edward County accommodations.

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