Prince Edward County Picton

It’s largest town, there is little doubt Picton is the hub of Prince Edward County.

Incorporated in 1837 when the villages of Picton and Hallowell bridge were
joined, the town of Picton has had a very rich and diverse history.

Named after General Sir Thomas Picton, Wellington’s second-in-command at the
Battle of Waterloo, Picton was the first place Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John
A. MacDonald practiced law and even defended himself in Picton’s Superior Courthouse
after he was involved in a scuffle with a fellow Picton resident in 1834.

Picton was at the forefront of hydroplane boat racing during the sport’s heyday in the
1960’s, hosting the prestigious Harmsworth races and producing an aqua circuit that
drew thousands including Prime Minister John Diefenbaker as Canada attempted to
recapture the title from the Americans.

Picton Bay would host Harmsworth races in 1960 and 61 and the Gold Cup races in the
1970’s and 80’s drew thousands every year as Picton was a prime destination of boat racing
fans across North America.

While the “Thunder on the Reach” is long gone, the beautiful nearby Picton harbour remains
and is considered one of Lake Ontario’s best inland ports.

Whether you are boating to Picton or visiting this proud and historic Ontario town to soak
in local culture, try some locally produced wine or dine at one of its several world class
restaurants, The Queen’s Inn on Main Street is your home-away-from-home when checking
out Picton.

A beautifully decorated eight room hotel in the heart of downtown Picton, The Queen’s Inn
offers bright and clean accommodations at reasonable prices.

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