Prince Edward County Map

The Prince Edward County Map has been directing visitors about this southeastern
Ontario paradise for decades.

Known as “The Red County Map” in the shops, restaurants and wineries where it is
available free of charge, the annual Accommodation, Business and Service guide has
it all when it comes to Prince Edward County.

Produced by the Prince Edward County Chamber of Tourism and Commerce, the
Prince Edward County Map offers addresses and
phone numbers of recreation, wineries, food and dining, inns, motels and resorts,
campgrounds, trailer parks and marinas.

But not just a resource list of contact information of places and points of interest,
the full colour Prince Edward County Map has it covered when it comes to making
your way around this majestic island getaway.

Whether it’s finding your way to the immensely popular Black River Cheese Factory,
the Sandbanks Provincial Park, one of three Prince Edward County Golf Courses
(Picton, Wellington and Barcoven), or one of Ontario’s last drive in movie theatres
(The Mustang Drive -In), the Prince Edward County Map will make it so you are
always on the right track.

It’s the single most important resource a visitor to Prince Edward County can have by
their side when starting out on their exploration of this idyllic island community.

Simply put, if it’s worth finding in Prince Edward County, it can be found on the
PECCTAC County map.

And if you happen to open the County Map in search of accomodations that are clean,
elegantly furnished and reasonably priced, point your eyes to The Queen’s Inn in historic
downtown Picton.

The Queen’s Inn is an eight-room boutique hotel in the heart of Prince Edward County
and is just minutes away from most of the great places listed on the County map.

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Call to start your Prince Edward County adventure at 1-888-476-8618 or check
availability online, here.

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