Area Map & Directions

The area map and directions to Prince Edward County are available throughout this hidden island community.

A popular resource for any guest of Prince Edward County, whether it by their first visit or their 100th sojourn to this popular vacation destination, the Prince Edward County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism-produced accommodation, business and service guide has been helping those looking to explore Prince Edward County for decades.

The go-to resource for all your needs when visiting Prince Edward County, the back of the map has a directory listing including phone numbers and addresses of all the top accommodations, restaurants, campgrounds, trailer parks, marinas and recreation facilities.

On the front, the full colour map provides every main highway, county road and side road and this is an invaluable tool as many of Prince Edward County’s great attractions tend to be off the beaten path.

Some of the best Prince Edward County Wineries are located in the hinterlands of Hillier and, without a map, a visitor might spend more time driving to a vineyard than tasting an offering of PrinceEdwardCountywine.

Getting to the Sandbanks Provincial Park can be an arduous task but the Prince Edward County Map makes it easy with its clear and professional layout.

While the map offers several Prince Edward County accommodation options, for the best quality stay at a very reasonable rate, guests should look no farther than The Queen’s Inn in downtown Picton.

Located in the heart of Prince Edward County, The Queen’s Inn is centrally located for all the great places, attractions and points of interest that dot the Prince Edward County Map.

To check availability, use the site or contact The Queen’s Inn at 1-888-476-8618.